10 Interesting Facts About Pugs

April 26, 2018

Those big and soulful eyes of Pugs are alluring.

Their faces are just so adorable and recognizable across the globe! When you see Pug puppies for sale, you know they won’t be there for long. They are one of the most loving and owned breeds and we know why. Read on to learn more about why Pug puppies for sale are so popular and wanted!


Pug puppies


  1. Pugs are famous, well sort of! They have starred in several movies, so they’re kinda celebrities. Their appearances have been made in movies such as “The Adventures of Milo and Otis,” “Men in Black,” “Pocahontas,” and “Hotel for Dogs” to name a few. We think it’s accurate to assume that Pug puppies for sale have been notorious because of their celeb status!


  1. Pugs originated from China, but they have made their way into the hearts and homes across the world for years.


  1. Long before Pug puppies for sale were even a possibility, they were once used by the military. Can you believe that? Well, they weren’t used in combat, but for tracking dogs and people and at some point they served as guard dogs. Yep!


  1. The AKC formally recognized the breed in 1895, even though they’ve been around for centuries.


  1. Did you know that if you see a pack of Pug puppies for sale running and playing together, they’re called a grumble?


  1. The German name for Pugs is Mops. We think that’s hilarious!


  1. For as cute as their little wrinkly faces are, they must be cleaned regularly. To prevent any infections or bacteria growth, they require a bit of daily maintenance. Oh and when you find Pug puppies for sale, pick up some shedding tools, too! These chubby babies shed like crazy, despite their short hair.



They’re no sprinters. Forget about playing extended games of fetch! Pugs run an average of 3 – 5 miles per hour and ironically that tires them! So, if you’re looking for Pug puppies for sale to go on a daily jog with you, think again! They’ll be home resting and patiently waiting on your return.