5 Benefits of Dogs: When You’re Considering Whether to Buy a Puppy

November 7, 2017

Should I buy a puppy for my kids? The benefits for children of having pets in the household!

Puppies and kids just go together, like peanut butter and jelly, macaroni and cheese or mashed potatoes and gravy. I could go on! But it is seriously common knowledge that the world is a happier place with man’s best friend. In fact, there really are so many things that children benefit from when growing up around animals and we want to go into some of them today. Read along for more information before you decide to buy a puppy for your family.

Top benefits of dog ownership:

  • Pets help encourage learning – This one may not be exactly what you were thinking, but it’s important nonetheless. Children often “teach” their pets how to read or recognize colors or numbers while they themselves are learning. Its a way for children to feel more comfortable grasping a subject, instead to asking a parent or teacher.
  • A pets unconditional love – Children, even older kids, sometimes have a hard time forming bonds with other people, especially in a new environment. It’s often said that your children’s first friends are actually the household pets and that commitment helps them on down the line with non- four-legged friendships.
  • The capacity to love – Believe it or not, people are not born automatically understanding how to have compassion. When children have pets they need to take care of, it teaches them how to nurture another life and they carry this knowledge with them for the rest of their lives.
  • Children are healthier with pets – We’ve all heard the saying, “Rub some dirt on it!” And while it’s a little outdated, the same holds true today, children that are exposed to more tend to build stronger immune systems. Studies have shown that children growing up in multiple pet households tend to have less allergies and are much less prone to developing asthma.
  • Pets make family bonds stronger – Families have to come together to take care of pets, which makes them more likely to form close bonds. Activities that families engage in are often centered around pets. A family will also bond over their mutual love for their four-legged furry family members!

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We hope you’ve enjoyed learning about the many health benefits that having a puppy can do for you family! If you think you’re ready to buy a puppy, don’t hesitate to give us a call or check out all of our available puppies to take home, right here!